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Did you know that you can create a poem or a little book or a piece of art in just a few minutes? If you're done denying your creativity and living a life that doesn't serve your own soul, then WELCOME! I'm glad you're here! Let's have some fun!

I'm Trisha Knudsen and it's my passion to encourage women to come out and play! I'm a published poet, writer, amateur artist, craft maker and singer, and I've been taking personal creative retreats for over ten years now. It has changed the way I live my daily life, reawakened my creativity and filled a deep desire in me to reconnect with my true bliss.


No doubt you spend lots of time caring for others in your life. Think back to childhood's freedoms before such responsibilities, when you lived without a care in the world and had all the time you needed in a day to enjoy time's passing. Imagine reclaiming that freedom...It IS possible to carve out time for yourself! Learn to see the world with fresh eyes and a lighter heart. Treat yourself to some "me" time and get back to the JOY of your childhood wonder and the free expression of your beautiful spirit.

I offer creative workshops and get away retreats* for women. Workshops are held every 4-6 weeks. Family circumstances put things on hold last November, but it's time for a revamp! During the fall and winter seasons, I'm  offering ALL 2018 workshops for ***FREE*** Bring a group of your friends or meet some new friends and have fun together over snacks and drinks, making one-of-a-kind personal works of art. No experience necessary! Just come as you are - already perfectly you - and surprise yourself with the talents that have been hiding while you were busy caring for others. Please explore the Calendar 2018 page in the menu to see this year's FREE offerings!
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*Retreats will begin again in 2019, including arts and crafting, writing and poetry, and walkabouts with nature that incorporate both. Lots of free time to explore, shop or have a meal on your own. Join with intimate groups of women who are yearning to realize the power of their own inner creative essence. Come Away...


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