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When Life Offers Lemons...

This beautiful woman is my only daughter. We were at a tea house celebrating her 30th birthday this past November, shortly after my first RetreatQuest outing in Rockport (see website for details. Next retreat coming April 20-22). Five days prior to this photograph being taken, my lovely, happy, pregnant daughter was told that she has cancer. Surgery and testing and waiting for answers, all while growing my second grandson. Needless to say, it's been a bit of a worrisome and bumpy ride these past several months. Life and it's lemons have put my meager attempts at making business plans on hold for the moment. Family first. It is everything, Friends. Everything.

I tell you this to say that, even with our best intentions, sometimes life throws us a curve and serves up the old switcharoo. Does this mean we stop? Do we crawl into a hole and cover our heads? Do we swoosh around our magic wands and pretend that reality is a concept meant for someone else? Maybe for a heartbeat. Or a week. Or a month... But then we take that deep breath I spoke about in my last posting, and put one foot in front of the other and take a step. Then another, and another. And before you know it, you're off and running again. Or limping. Whatever. We do what we can do until we can do more.

So, here I am! Back at it and awaiting this blessed, miraculous birth with a grandmother's anticipatory joy. And more thankful than I can express that my daughter's life has been saved by her unborn son. People, listen to me. Miracles? They happen every. single. day. Don't miss em!

Carry on!

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