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Take Two

Hi Friends -

Celebrate with me! Today is the first anniversary of the launching of RetreatQuest. Man, have I learned a lot about how to run my own business! One of the things I've learned is that I'm not done learning! Another bit of understanding I've gained is that it's perfectly fine to jump right in...and absolutely necessary to step back and refocus.


What I want to say to you all today is THANK YOU! Starting a business is a risky proposition. Like all of life, it has its twists and turns. It seldom, if ever, goes the way you expect it to.'s worth all of the effort and time and expense and worry and questioning. Because, despite all that goes awry or takes you on a completely different adventure that the one you intended, it is another experience to add to your quiver. And experiences are what life is made of! For good or ill, we march on, hopefully armed with a deeper understanding and sharper arrows to aim at our next goals. So, thank you!

> Thank you for your support. Knowing that so many people have been cheering me on is a great motivator for continuing to hone my skills.

> Thank you for your feedback. Understanding what is going well and what needs improvement will only help to make what I'm offering better with time.

> Thank you for your patience. I fully believe in putting family first. My family has needed me for the past couple of seasons, and that is where my efforts have been focused. I will be revamping RetreatQuest over the next several months and will be offering new workshops this fall. Please keep an eye on my website and Facebook pages for what's coming next. I'll be sending emails to those on my email list as well. If you're not on the RetreatQuest mailing list, go to the website at: and sign up, or send me a note at

> And thank you for your kindness and friendship as I follow this dream. Never stop dreaming my friends! Keep creating a life that makes you happy and proud. Help others along the way to fulfill their dreams. Encouragement is a great gift...and it's free! Whatever YOUR dream may be, know I am here rooting for you to succeed.

Summer is a busy time for all of us. The days are long and lazy - or full and busy - but they fly right by! Fall will be upon us before we know it. I'm looking forward to what these next steps will bring as RetreatQuest continues to morph and grow! I hope you'll stick with me. Free afternoon and evening sessions may pop up at any time and I'd love to have you join me here in my home for a few hours of making and sharing together!

Love to all of you! Do keep in touch!

Onward and Upward!

Trisha xo

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